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by Mefitis

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bcb723 Progressive death metal that brings in elements of a wide array of touchpoints. Voivod, Edge of Sanity, Death, Dissection... you get the idea. But the influences are combined in a way that make "Offscourings" a truly unique standout release from 2021. There is just a level of passion and craft that is not found in your everyday independent release. Give this one a listen or five - this shit is an addictive monster that gets better each time I hear it. Hard props. Favorite track: Castling in Sediment.
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admiral_stiffplank Emberdawn may have been a thoroughly impressive mission statement in its' own right, but on 'Offscourings' Mefitis have clearly demonstrated that they're not planning on stagnating. Each song is meticulously crafted; not one riff feels out of place-something that's generally lacking in most of the releases I trawl through on Bandcamp. 'Sophomore slump' my ass! Mefitis are clearly an ever-evolving entity, and bless 'em for it!
John Cobbett
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John Cobbett These guys are on (to) something...
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Treading the lifeless expanse of the skoria, to a hollow of the earth provident winds lift the sands to unmask remains of strange artifice abodes are these, or vessels? The grave markers of the ghosts of this land. Revered myths in unmoving judgement their making stands bellowing in the deeps and darkest places. We, cast-off and wandering the arid spaces orphaned by the tide abandoned here too, huddling by hearth in crude encirclements, haunted by those unseen eyes. Their temples are the looming mountains life, begat of eroding downpour. Descended from those higher, invoked with mere nameless rage. Bearing upon us in ubiquity fore the sightless. The outer corporeal, temporal shield withers and scatters as flesh destiny then, only subsidence to rejoin the foregone in dirt. Yet before us reigned masons of the outer expanse, farseers and sojourners amongst the lights of worlds. Here, upon a drifting island in the infinite swarth left with a sole sardonic keepsake two hollows with which to behold and all-consuming lust for sight.
Dark tides borne on formless waves as stowaway ballast cast to these strange lands are we stripped of bonds, of visage clawing with hands til worne to bone and tendon the rocky dirt, yet unmarred by these feet. No thought, but to further live. Wounding our host, this earth scraping from soil, meager vitality a strange likeness is disinterred from the clay... Fleshless entombments of unseen being yet forms familiar as if lost kinfellows alike, though flawed in their design A moulder's abandoned endeavors? Their hands, in stasis yet scribe mouths motionless, yet speak frostcold miasma emanates from every eye cavity circling the burial chamber Now, in frigid ratheness, a thousand lifetimes' knowing pierces through the pall of past worlds. No longer am I slave to death, now having farseen the beyond. From the stone is born hammer, from hammer born blade, with blade, we carve new bilth of life upon this rock.
Kosmodrome 00:59
Nameless mooncycles pass adrift in these corridors utter black but for dim bluegreen hue revealing in sideview a webbing, wire and conduit channeling whence and to where, unknown. One insect among countless clawing at my labor one atom detached of the whole A cry, I beseech my path of the overseer the chamber reflects mocking retort. Only mechanic moans mark time's passing. Deep, down, beneath bowels concrete those ordained gather about unearthed artifact form incinerated beyond knowable design incisions reveal tissue both animal and manlike a mutant epigenesis. Reaching to replicate, beyond grasp of mere hands the spawn screams its first breath contorted limbs embrace, constricting to make lifeless creators. The aberration finds voice emitting its will unto those willful coiled pose, siphoning strength whispers which entwine primate pathways silenced only by cement encasing desperate, complete unmaking, hastened decay condemned to collapse into forgotten sediment.
It's been untold days since my last sight of light the way long lost, as my drive to have come down here barely can I recall the outside these dead halls seem unending a disturbance in the stillness once so distant, so faint as to hardly be heard slowly grows louder.
Tearing ground as though compelled by instinct long is the far-seeing forgot only decaying whispers, trailing on foul earthen exhalation from below, of the mind-miners, encased now in mortar. Impervious not to the crawl of time... Writhing worms, seekers scavenge a sunken sarcophagus. Fragments found, unreadable in their forgone script. Only those scrawlings, whose shapes ring through the inner beast brain. Sight of outlandish terrors, forming cognate kinship in the innermind. New words are spoken, reanimated from silent stasis. The Godbook thus writ, we read the rites seeking commune. Entwining in sacrament interstitching limbs, adjoined as chimera chants make incarnate the outerworldly reflection of our sin, materializing in the murk of the fendshaden deeps.
Offscourings 04:42
Outcast, waste men ever unravelling twine splitting as vines, those tendrils that reach... Brought at end before the all-crafter its likeness yet a wordless thought a final quandary... What malice sent us on cruel currents to be eremite among the stars? And our far-fathers, like us in stance yet entombed in depths of dirt? "Many are beneath you, many more ascend Not in error, each an eyeblink in our everbeing" "You have innerseeing of the fore, yet not the after. Accepting your ordained and steadfast deterioration, yet darkened the site of unmaking." Ever stabbing at nihil lithe and piercing our shape opposite that the molder's its thin mask of contempt, unconcealing nithe. "Outsight, insight, curses alike I placed you in a house of spite to forever seek, yet drift from truth in seeking" Grasping the "fathers" awl, which once belit our hollow amidst the dark two punctures I make, to undo their gift.
My only child, final lantern alit the insect's waning beacon over my boundless, forever-fields I embrace you at last. Drawn back to the everbeing unborn, and redead into a spiral convulsing, reabsorbed. Fire, which long lit your wayfaring path, laps the land, leaving only its refuse, smouldering and uncolored. Plague, soulborne curse that gnaws bone, enslaving impulses to rage, begets kinslaying. Dark, approaching negation, envelops the remains of all form and making, all light banished, all heat dissipates, nor pulse nor breath endures. No, these fortunes I do not bequeath you. I shall vacate this plane, ascending to another. Having sown in each mind A figment of my visage Memory cascading down lineage, corrupting Sickness simmering within each skull For man's auger to expel Eyeless may you crawl this rock Each pinnacle scaled, preceding only subsidence Until the path leads you downward To earthen origins and final respite. Become, the heir of unmaking.


released January 30, 2021

All music is composed, recorded, and produced by Pendath and Vatha.
Additional songwriting on track 4 by Forest.
Guitar solo on track 2 by Troy.
Recorded in May through September of 2020 at Emberdusk Studios.
Mastered by Ryan Ellery.
Front cover portraits inked by Pendath.
Lyrics written by Vatha.


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Mefitis Oakland, California

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